Frequently Asked Questions

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About StitchX & our Website

Where are the rest of the patterns? I thought you had thousands of patterns available.

We’ve been in business over ten years and yes, we have created well over two thousand patterns.  During that time, we’ve learned a lot about what stitchers like (and don’t like) when purchasing patterns online. We’re using this new website as an opportunity to standardize our patterns and include the newest features in all patterns.  Over time, we are “re-working” all of our patterns and will list them on this website once they are up to our newest standards.  In the meantime, if there is one of our patterns that you are interested in purchasing, please let let us know!

How much is shipping?

At this time, all of our patterns are in digital download format.  Since there is nothing to ship, there are no shipping charges! 

About our Patterns

Are your graphs in color or black/white?

Our patterns are created using a black/white graph.  If you need color, please contact us.

Where can I purchase the fabric shown in the picture?

In most cases, the fabric shown in the images is computer generated.  We encourage stitchers to make a project their own by choosing their fabric preference.

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